1.Select your show - choose the date, if there are multiple show dates.
2.Select the Terms and Conditions check box to proceed. Go ahead and select your tickets.
3.Select your seats. Once you have selected your seats, it will turn green, to show that it has been selected. A pop-up will appear with the different price options. Select which ticket price you want for that seat, then close the pop-up. Seats marked with a red X, are booked already. Seats that have been selected, but not paid, will be “booked” for approximately 15 minutes, whereafter it will be released to be bookable again. If you are sure about your selection, continue by selecting the “Book seat(s)” button.
4.Check your show details. If you need to make changes, click the "Change selection" button.
5.Fill in your personal details. PLEASE make sure that your email address is CORRECT, as this is where your tickets will be sent to.
6.Select your method of payment. For credit card payments: When entering your credit card number, do not use any spaces. You will receive your confirmation email, containing your tickets within minutes. For EFT payments: When selecting to pay via EFT, please note that your transfer MAY take up to 48 hours to display. You will firstly receive an "on hold notification", which states your booking is on hold, until payment has been received. Once payment is confirmed, your tickets will be emailed to you. Bookings will NOT be confirmed, until payment has been confirmed.
7. You will receive your confirmation email containing your tickets in pdf format.
8.Print  your tickets and take it with to your show. Enjoy the show!