Tuesday 16 April 15:00 - 17:00

World Voice Day (WVD) is a worldwide annual event that takes place on April 16 devoted to the celebration of the phenomenon of voice. Currently more than 50 countries are participating in the celebration of WVD and almost 600 events took place in 2018.

Voice is a critical aspect of effective and healthy communication in the daily lives of all people. WVD establishes an awareness among the public about the enormous importance of the voice. It brings awareness to the need for preventing voice problems, rehabilitating the deviant of sick voice, training the artistic voice, and researching the functional application of voice. By celebrating WVD we encourage all those who use their voice for business or pleasure to learn to take care of their voice, and know how to seek help and training, and to support research on the voice.


This year Brooklyn Theatre is also for the first time participating in the celebration of WVD by presenting a seminar. 4 Keynote speakers consisting of an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, a Speech-language therapist, a Singing Voice Specialist and a Professional Singer, will lead the afternoon’s seminar.

Main topics of discussion:

  1. Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist: What a thorough medical voice assessment should entail, especially if one is a professional Voice user. What equipment is used to visualize the vocal folds as well as the vibratory pattern of the vocal folds.
  2. Speech-language therapist (with a special interest in voice therapy): Vocal hygiene is much like dental hygiene. Learning what is healthy and unhealthy for your voice can help with and lead to longevity of one’s voice.
  3. Singing Voice Specialist: The integration of breathing, dynamic body alignment and free voice production.
  4. Professional Soprano : Teaching Belting as opposed to Classical voice training.

Ticket sales:

Tuesday, 16 April 15:00 - 17:00

Adult R200   Student R120


Brooklyn Theatre (012 460 6033)
Greenlyn Village Centre
C/o Thomas Edison and 13th Streets
Menlo Park


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