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Monday 18 May 09h00
Tuesday 19 May 12h00
Wednesday 20 May 09h00
Thursday 21 May 09h00 & 12h00
Friday 22 May 12h00

The Producer reserves the right to changes in the schedule. Should this become necessary, schools will be consulted.

Acclaimed for its full-scale productions of Shakespeare set works for matric school learners, Think Theatre presents the return of two of The Bard’s greatest tragedies in 2020 – its admired productions of Hamlet and Othello. These have become an essential teaching aid for many educators across the provinces.

Often hailed as Shakespeare’s greatest work, Hamlet Prince of Denmark centres on themes of death, betrayal, greed, murder and revenge. Often described as a typical “Revenge Play”, any careful study reveals it to be very much more. Does a good and purposeful life on earth triumph? Are vile and criminal acts always punished? Further, what is the purpose of our lives in the time we are given if decency has the same end as treachery? These questions are valid today – in our homes, our schools and among our leaders. Award winning director Clare Mortimer once more takes the reins, and audiences can be certain of a complete production, with full sets and costume, and the greatest of care given to the text.

Expect to see a few familiar faces and some fresh ones in Hamlet 2020! Multi award winner Bryan Hiles takes the title role of the tragic Prince of Denmark, with Cara Roberts appearing as the tragic young heroine, Ophelia. Clare Mortimer plays Hamlet’s mother Gertrude, with Claudius, Hamlet’s treacherous step-father, portrayed by Michael Gritten. Hamlet’s friend Horatio is played by Kwenzo Ncgobo with Darren King as Polonius and his son Laertes performed by Marc Kay. The production’s powerhouse casting also includes Duane Behrens, Rowan Bartlett and Straw Nzimande.

Important notes for schools everyone:

  • Provisional bookings may be placed immediately. Please use the attached Provisional Booking Form. All bookings are subject to availability of seats. Please help us to help you by keeping in touch regarding the number of learners attending.
  • Full payment is required 21 days before the performance date, unless by arrangement.
  • Electronic (EFT) payment is required, unless by arrangement.
  • Bookings and Enquiries:
    Email: Doreen@thinktheatre.co.za
    Call: Doreen 084 556 0668 or Margie 083 251 9412. If we are unable to answer your call please send a WhatsApp or text message with your request (always identify yourself and your school). We will repsond as quickly as possible. Please do not leave a voicemail as many calls are indistinct and we would not wish to disappoint you.

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Public R140   Schools: R90 per learner (Accompanying teacher free of charge, within reason)


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