Wessel van Wyk - Piano
Saturday 25 May 18:00
Sunday 26 May 15:00

A unique event - pianist Wessel van Wyk performs Chopin’s popular waltzes! Few composers imbued the waltz with more sophistication and charm than Chopin did – these piano gems are not only for swirling round the dance floor, but also for communicating a wide range of emotions. There is indeed a Chopin waltz for every mood; some are playful, some are amorous, some are melancholy, some are sad, and some are brilliant and virtuoso.

This concert marks the Pretoria release of Wessel’s latest CD featuring his interpretation of the Chopin Waltzes – buy your personal copy after the performance.


Op. 64, no.1 in C sharp minor
Op. 34, no. 1 “Valse Brillante” in A flat
Op. 34, no.2 in A minor
Op, 34, no.3 in F
Op. 64, no.1 “Minute” in D flat
Op. 64, no. 3 in A flat
Op, 69, no. 1 “L’adieu” in A flat
Op. 69, no. 2 in B minor
Op. 70, no. 1 in G flat
Op, 70, no. 2 in F minor
Op, 18 “Grande valse brillante” in E flat (continued p.2)
Op. 70, no. 3 in D flat
Op. posth, (KK IVa, No.13) in A flat
Op. posth, (KK IVa No.15) in E minor
Op. posth, (KK IVa No.11) in A minor

Ticket sales:

Saturday 25 May 18:00
Sunday 26 May 15:00

Block A (Adult) - R200   Block B (Adult) - R140
Block A Senior(60+) / Student(21-) R160   Block B Senior(60+) / Student(21-) R100
Block C (Row P, Q, R) - R100  


Brooklyn Theatre (012 460 6033)
Greenlyn Village Centre
C/o Thomas Edison and 13th Streets
Menlo Park


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