Marysol de Pablo (vocals) & Julieta Brizzi (Guitar)
Saturday 8 February 18:00

From its inception, Carpusa Tango has had a clear purpose: to bring back, through their unique style, the Golden Age of Tango. In lunfardo, the slang of Buenos Aires, carpusa means "experience"--and Carpusa, because of their experience, see themselves as part of a tradition that began over a hundred years ago when tango consisted of a voice and a guitar. In their performances, both intimate and passionate, these two artists give life to the magic of this music and demonstrate why it is so famous all over the world.

Programme of the group

1- Humedal (tango canción)
2- Maquillaje (tango canción)
3- Una canción (tango canción)
4- Milonga sentimental (milonga)
5- Pasional (tango canción)
6- El día que me quieras (tango canción)
7- Mi buenos aires querido (tango canción)
8- Sueño de juventud (vals)
9- Por una cabeza (tango canción)
10- Quedémonos aquí (tango canción)
11- Bien criolla y bien porteña (milonga)
12- Percal (tango canción)
13- Romance de barrio (vals)
14- Gricel (tango canción)
15- Malena (tango canción)
16- Desencuentro (tango canción)


Saturday 8 February 18:00

Block A (Adult) - R240   Block B (Adult) - R180
Block A (Senior (60+) / Student(21-) - R190   Block B (Senior (60+) / Student(21-) - R140


Brooklyn Theatre (012 460 6033)
Greenlyn Village Centre
C/o Thomas Edison and 13th Streets
Menlo Park

About the artists:

Marysol de Pablo (vocals). She began her vocal training at age 13 in different vocal groups. She later enrolled in the course of Music Arts with an orientation in singing, obtaining the title of University Professor, at the same time taking classes in composition and improvisation with Prof. Ricardo Hegman while also beginning to study interpretation of tango with Lidia Borda. From 1998 to the present, she has been a principal in several groups that perform in different musical styles (jazz, rock, funk, tango, academic), with whom she has performed continuously throughout Argentina. She offered as soloist several concerts of lyric songs and improvisations, in 2006 she participated in Off Forá in the 29th Biennial of Pontevedra at the Recoleta Cultural Center with the renowned artist Eduardo Basualdo. In 2007 she recorded the collection Chill—Out Jewish Music (Pattaya/The Orchard). Currently she also works as a Music and Singing Teacher in several music schools.

Julieta Brizzi (Guitar) She began guitar lessons at age 6 and she continues her musical studies to the present day. She is algo writer and poet. Along the way, she has studied electric bass; piano and composition, tango guitar and singing. In addition to Carpusa Tango, Julieta leaded several bands, as guitarist/bassist, singer and songwriter. From 2006 to 2010, she dedicated herself

Other performances:

Since its formation in 2013 they ha ve performed in se veral distinguished venues of Argentina and the world. Among them Main Stage of La Gran Milonga Nacional 2015 y 2018, Los 36 Billares, Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso, Confitería Ideal, Teatro Orlando Goñi, Noche de los Museos, La Casa del Sr. Duncan, Academia del Lunfardo, Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández, Teatro 25 de Mayo, Café Vinilo, Museo del Cabildo, Nave Cultural de Mendoza, Museo de Arte Colonial de Quito, Teatro Sucre de Cuenca, Centro Cultural Manso de Guayaquil. OTV Nyttårsmilonga, Oslo, Norway. Galleria Rankka, Helsinki, Finland. Regina Teater n, Uppsala, Sweden. Innergården Jazzklubb, Stockholm, Sweden. Tangokompaniet, Malmö, Sweden. Casa Bô, Oporto, Portugal