1. Where does the online concert take place?

The concert takes place on the website Remember the .tv

2. Where does on register?

The home page of will ask you to Sign in or Create an Account. If you do not have an account, just create an account.

3. What options do I have?

You can choose Option 1. “Pay as you watch” Which gives you 3 days access. Or Option 2. A monthly payment of R400, which you can cancel at any given time. You can then watch endless new concerts and existing concerts.

4. Where do I buy a ticket for for the concert?

Sign in on and choose a concert. If you are registered as “Pay per view” a pop-up screen will appear with an amount to pay for the 3-day view.

5. After payment what happens?

After payment you can sign into your account and view the concert.

6. What time does the concert start?

Upcoming concerts are launched on a certain date, however will be available on the website from that date.

7. How long can I view the concert?

For “Pay as you watch” you will have 3 days access from the release date of the video. If you purchase access after the release date, you will have access to the video from the day of purchase.

8. Can I stream the concert to my TV?

Watch your favourite productions on any browser enabled Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Gaming Console or Smart Tv. We promise a smooth experience regardless of the screen size.

9. Can I purchase the concert for someone else?

Indeed. Follow exactly the same process and create an account for the person with a password. Purchase the access you want for them. And send them the email address and password. The email will be linked to their IP address.

(Also view video instructions: